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Pofessor Yun Hae Kim短期密集課選課名單
Course Code:TX5614複合材料介紹與應用(Introduction to composite materials and its application
Course Time:8/28,9/1(6至8節)、8/30,8/31(6至8,10~A節)、9/2(3~4節)
Outline of the Course
1.	General Introduction: Introduction, Materials classification and composite materials, recent trends, Advantages and Disadvantages of composites
2.	Composite materials? Comparison with other materials (2hrs), Discussion about engineering, science and technology etc.
3.	Guide to composites: Composite theory, properties of the composites, Resin systems, Comparison of resin properties, Advantages and disadvantages of resin type, Fiber type comparisons, Manufacturing processes etc.)
4.	General to composites: Classes of composite materials, Reinforcement, Matrix, Manufacturing and processes, Sandwich construction and honeycomb application etc. 
5.	Reuse of slag and its fiberization, Definition of slag, Melting process, Fiberization technology of slag, General application, etc.
6.	Environment problems: Green campus initiative, CO2 reduction, environmental movement, Green leader activities, ACCS etc.
7.	Importance of education through the activities of idea factory: Needs for innovation in engineering education, Idea factory for students, by the students and of the students, 3D printer, CNC, etc.
8.	Application of composites: Aircraft application, Vehicle application, Marine application, etc. 
9.	Closing remarks and test