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Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
Education Goals




1. Motivating students to person being a competitiveness and meet social requirements

2. Inspiring students with originative thinking and cognitive creativity

3. Enhancement of ability both in applied research and systematic integration

4. Rigorous training in theoretical research for students who have the description ability

5. Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, bring group instruction into practice and enhancing professional knowledge

6. Providing teaching and experimental equipments to strengthen courses for practical and technical issues

7. Strengthening experimental courses by combining of theoretical and practical approaches

8. Providing advanced knowledge for students according to structural changes of industries and academic societies

9. Developing students with a good communication skill, a team cooperation ability and an interpersonal relationship

10. Enhancing of English language ability of students for globalization





1. Training students to have knowledge and skills in order to meet the requirements of our country and society

2. Fostering students with innovation and independent problem solving abilities

3. Teaching students to have the integration ability of technology

4. Increasing abilities of oral expression, technical reporting and thesis writing

5. Fostering ideas of honesty and law obeying for students to meet “Precision in Work and Sincere in Attitude” of the NTUST motto

6. Keeping students on the cutting edge of materials science by focusing the development trends of technology and society

7. Developing personal qualities of leadership, management and communications for students

8. Educating students to realize the ethics of science and engineering

9. Offering students responsibilities of environmental protection, social concern and accomplishments of technology and humanity

10. Training students with a foreign language ability and an international outlook for globalization