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10/9(二)演講公告-Dr. Aleš Kroupa
Thermodynamic assessment – the key building block for the creation of reliable databases for the modelling of phase diagrams in multicomponent systems using CALPHAD approach

時間:107年10月9日(二) 上午10:00~11:30


演講人:Dr. Aleš Kroupa (Head of the Group of Structure of Phases and Thermodynamics at the IPM, ASCR, Brno)

The knowledge of the alloy thermodynamics and phase equilibria involved in the multicomponent alloy system is crucial in the design of new advanced materials. Traditional methods of experimentation for the choice of appropriate compositions are both costly in terms of time and money and are clearly no longer applicable owing to the increasing complexity of materials involved.
A semi-empirical approach, referred to as the CALPHAD method is widely used for the modelling of thermodynamic properties and for the calculation of phase diagrams in such systems both by scientists and in engineering practice. Its main feature is the combination of experimental observation and theoretical modelling and it can significantly decrease the amount of necessary experimental work.
The basic principles of the CALPHAD methods will be described in the lecture, particular attention will be given to the creation of proper thermodynamic assessments of simpler systems and their exploitation for the creation of consistent thermodynamic database with some practical examples about ternary Al-Si-V system.