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Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
2015 Fall Scholarship Application for Fourth and Fifth Year International Ph.D. Students

1.         Currently registered international Ph.D. students who will need a
fourth or fifth year to complete their Ph.D. studies at NTUST.

2.         Students who are receiving scholarship or other financial aid
from the government or other sources are not eligible to apply for this

3.         The advisor has to offer at least NT$3000 stipend per month for
one year.

4.         Time to file an application: The deadline is on Friday, July 3rd,
2015 till 17:00; please submit your application to your department, and read
carefully to the application guidelines before submitting.


Please click below to download the guideline and application form:

l   Scholarship Application Guideline for 4th & 5th year PhD Students (http:

l   Scholarship Application Form for 4th & 5th year PhD Students


For further inquiries, please contact: Ms. Stephany Wang at wang@mail.ntust.
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