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Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
Notesfor 2015 CTCI Scholarship for International Graduate Students in Taiwan

application form


I. Foreword

CTCI Foundation was established on October 12, 1959. As a pioneer of new technologies, CTCI Foundation commits itself to developing technological talents for Taiwan and thereby facilitates Taiwan’s economic development and assists Taiwan’s manufacturing industries to upgrade their productivity. In 1962, the Engineering Education Research Fund was raised to award scholarships to distinguished undergraduate and graduate students. As of 2014, the scholarships had been awarded to approximately 3,500 domestic students. From this year onwards, the scholarships are extended to include outstanding international graduate students in Taiwan from selected fields of study in designated universities to further their education.


II. The scholarship

    (i) Each of the five recipients will be awarded 150,000NTD and a Certificate of Merit.

    (ii) Eligibilities

          1. International students (including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao) currently enrolled in master’s or doctorate courses of science, engineering, and electrical related fields in the designated departments/institutes and universities.

          2. Each semester’s academic grade must be at least an A- or 80 points.

    (iii) Designated universities

          1. National Taiwan University, Tsinghua University, National Cheng Kung University, Jiaotong University, National Taiwan Normal University, National Central University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and National Taipei University of Science and Technology.

          2. Each department/institute will recommend only one candidate for the scholarship.


III. Application process

    (i) CTCI Foundation will send a letter to each designated university in May 2015.

    (ii) All applications shall be forwarded to CTCI Foundation by the designated universities. Individual applications directly to CTCI Foundation will not be accepted.

    (iii) Required documents

            A. General information

                a. Application form and department/institute recommendation form

                b. A copy of student ID card (both front and back) and passport (photo page)

                c. Original transcript of academic records for each semester (Chinese or English)

                d. Autobiography e. At least one recommendation letter from professor

           B. Research abstracts and preliminary results

           C. Description of accomplishments a. Participation in research projects, programs, etc. b. Journal publications c. Certificates, licenses, awards, patents, etc.

           D. Other

               Note: Application form can be downloaded from the CTCI Foundation website under Application Form of 2015 Technology Scholarship. (

    (iv) Application deadline and mail address

               1. Apply by 09/20/2015 (date as postmarked)

               2.Mail Address: 8th Floor, 97 Tunhwa S. Road Sec.2, Taipei 10682, Attn. Miss Zin Hsiang. Phone: (02) 2704-9805 ext. 62; Email: tw (台北市 106 大安區敦化南路 2 段 97 號 8 樓向玉琴小姐收)

    (v) The application materials will not be returned to the applicant in any circumstances.


IV. Review process

     (i) Review panel The review panel will consist of CTCI Foundation’s CEO and directors of departments, and invited professors and experts from universities and industries.

     (ii) Assessment principles

          1. Assessment priorities Research performance and potential for future development and contribution

          2. Evaluation criteria

                 (1) Academic performance

                 (2) Research thesis/dissertation

                       A. Feasibility of research proposal (research structure, methodology, and references).

                       B. Prospective contributions to the development and application of technology.

                       C. Preliminary study results (including conference papers and journal papers).

                       D. Potential academic and technological contribution

                 (3) Other outstanding performance

                       A. Participation in research projects, programs, etc.

                       B. Domestic and international competition results

                       C. Other supporting documents that highlight research results

         3. The evaluation criteria are subject to change without notice.

V. Award

       (i) The award ceremony is scheduled for December 2015.

       (ii) The ceremony will begin with addresses from CTCI Foundation’s president and distinguished guest, followed by a keynote speech from a former outstanding scholarship recipient to share his or her knowledge and experience in career                   development, and end with acceptance speeches from the recipients.

       (iii) The recipients shall provide their research paper posters for showing at the ceremony venue.

       (iv) The recipients and guests will be provided with the booklet of 2015 CTCI Science and Technology Scholarship.

       (v) The recipients’ photos of the recipients and their acceptance speeches will be published on CTCI Newsletter as well as posted on the CTCI website.

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