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Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
July 9-16, Short course-Physics and Physical Chemistry of Thin Film Growth Techniques
We are honored to invite Professor Joe E. Greene from the U.S. to give an 1-credit short course, titled “Physics and Physical Chemistry of Thin Film Growth Techniques ” on July 9-13.
Please visit the following website for (1) checking course information and (2) signing up the class.
Lecturer: Prof. Joe E. Greene
Course Hours: 18 hours(1 Credit and Course Number TX6609701)
Location : TBA
Course time : 07/09(MON)0900-1210  
      07/13(FRI) 0900-1210    
Final Exam: 07/16(MON)1330-1630
[multiple-choice and true/false questions • open-notes]
Please note that once signing up this 1-credit course, the withdrawal after June 30 is not allowed.
If you have any questions, please call campus extension 7476 or send email to Ms.Wang. Thank you!
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