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Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award

Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award Guidelines


  1. The Study in Taiwan Database Office established by the Ministry of Education has formulated these Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award Guidelines. The Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award is designed to: 
  • honor the outstanding achievements of people who have studied in Taiwan as a foreign student;
  • enhance Taiwan’s reputation overseas;
  • strengthen and maintain close connections and friendly relations between those former foreign students and Taiwan; and
  • encourage current foreign students to learn from and emulate outstanding alumni of universities in Taiwan.
  1. The selection of Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award recipients will be made once every two years. In principle, between five and ten outstanding people will be selected to receive an award each time. 
  2. Any foreigner who has studied in Taiwan and completed a degree or a training program approved by the Ministry of Education and has achievements in one of the following categories is eligible to be nominated to receive a Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award. There is no limit to the number of times a person can be nominated but they can only receive this award once.  
    Awardee achievement categories: 
  • Academic: For demonstrating outstanding expertise or having been recognized with some prestigious national and/or international award, for work in an academic research field.
  • Industry and Commerce: For outstanding achievement in a business venture or enterprise that the person set up or is running.
  • Political: For an exceptional achievement or a significant contribution by a person who after returning to their home country serves as a civil servant or in its government representing the interests of its people, and who has political influence.
  • Humanities and Communications: For an exceptional achievement or a significant contribution in a field of the humanities, social sciences, or communications.
  • Other: For deeds which have made a specific contribution or some other outstanding achievement in a category other than those listed above, which deserves to be recognized.
  1. Eligible outstanding alumni may be nominated for a Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award in the following ways: 
  • Be nominated by a government agency or a company in which the person is working.
  • Be nominated by an overseas mission of the Republic of China (Taiwan) responsible for the country or region where the person is living.
  • Be nominated by the program director or a professor at the university or tertiary college where the person undertook their degree or training program, or by the director of the language center in Taiwan where the person undertook a language program or by a language teacher there.
  1. The Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Awardee Selection Committee (abbreviated below to "the selection committee") will be convened by the director of the Study in Taiwan Database and will have between five and nine members, including the convener. The other members will be invited representatives of the Ministry of Education, and experts and scholars. The deadline for submitting nominations will be publicly announced every two years.  
  2. In principle, the Study in Taiwan Database Office will cover the cost of a round-trip economy class airfare between their home country and Taiwan, and the other costs of a visit to Taiwan for each award recipient. The number of days they will spend in Taiwan as official guests will be adjusted in accordance with the budgetary funds available that year.
  3. The people who receive a Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award in a particular year will be publicly recognized at that year's Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship Orientation and Welcome event, or at another important gathering, or they will be invited to be the keynote speaker at one or more lecture occasions. 
  4. The Study in Taiwan Database Office will be responsible for contacting the award recipients and arranging the itinerary of each person's visit to Taiwan. 



1.Distinguished Taiwan Alumni Award Guidelines 





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