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Master program


The Thesis Oral Exam Procedure for Master Program

1.When the examination topic and date are confirmed,

Please input the thesis topic and advisor at [Student Information System], then print out three sheets which are The Advisor’s Recommendation Letter, Approval Sheet for Degree Examination Committee and Examination Grading Sheet from the system, respectively.

2. Please submit the following forms five days before the oral exam:

(1) Master degree thesis examination application

(2) The Advisor's Recommendation Letter (Print from [Student Information System])

(3) Master Thesis Committee Member Recommendation Letter

(4) Transcript for all semesters (Need to complete 24 credits's course).

(5) Complete "Seminar (1)", "Seminar (2)" and "Special Seminar in Engineering".

(6) The list of oral examination fee and the transportation fee document (English version )

3.English Language Course of Regulation and Requirements for International Graduate Degree Students

(1) Internationl students must pass Intermediate level of the GEPT or other same level of English test( Please find the attached file )before graduation.

(2) International students should submit the official transcript of the GEPT or other same level of English test while application of oral exam.

(3) Please follow the regulation after international students 2021 fall admission.

(4) Other unmentioned matters would be in accordance with School/ Department regulations.

4. The procedure of applying for the oral exam fee is as follows:

(1) Please contact staff Miss Lin (extension number: 3631): Be allowed to apply for the budget of oral defense fee. Please ask the committee to confirm the transferring account of bank ( post office) or paying the cash of  oral exam fee by applying in advance. 

(2) Ask for the assistant of financial management in your LAB (laboratory) to Finish the next work, including of applying for cash from Campus in advance and reimbursing the expenses. (Look the example below)

5. The day of oral exam

(1) Confirm the oral examination fee and the traffic allowance to every committee:

     (i) inquiring about the bank of transfer-account 


(2) Approval Sheet for Degree Examination Committee, the list of oral exam fee and transportation fee document need to be signed by all committee members.

(3) Submit Examination Grading Sheet to committee members

6. Submit the following sheets within five days after the oral test

(1) Return ''signed'' Approval Sheet for Degree Examination Committee and Examination Grading Sheet to  Lecturer  Huang  ( #6542 Office: E1-243) 

(2) Return the list of oral exam fee and transportation fee document to staff Miss Lin (#3631)

7. Graduation Procedure

1. Department Leaving Form signed by the advisor and every technician was required.

2. Please go to the Student System to print out the School Leaving Form.

3. Submit one paperback thesis copy light green to Lecturer  Huang  ( #6542 Office: E1-243, and one hardback thesis copy (black) to the library. 

4.Please discuss with the graduates for thesis/dissertation embargo in advance.



8. Related Forms

(1)Master degree thesis examination application

(2)Master Thesis Committee Member Recommendation Letter

(3)The list of oral examination fee and the transportation fee document (English version )

(4)Oral Examination Committee Member Appointment Letter

(5)PhD and Master Thesis Format and Electronic File Attentions

(6)Department Leaving Form  (Please go to the Student System to print out the  School Leaving Form.)

(7)Thesis/dissertation embargo

9.Thesis upload information