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Ph.D. program

The Thesis Oral Exam Procedure for PhD Program 

1. Confirmation of Thesis Topic Aligning with The Department’s Academic Field of Expertise

(1) Students must confirm with their supervisor during the initial stage of thesis writing that the topic and content of their thesis align with the department’s academic field of expertise.

(2) Starting from the 112 academic year (Aug. 2023), new graduate students must log into the "Thesis/Dissertation and Advisor
Information System" to register the research objectives of their thesis.

(3) Students have to submit their thesis topic and an outline of their research objectives to the department to confirm whether the thesis aligns with the department’s academic field of expertise. This has to be done before the end of the semester prior to the degree exam, or, at the latest, before the 10-day of the university-wide course add-and-drop period deadline of the semester of the degree exam.  An exception applies to departments that conduct oral examinations for thesis research projects. In that case, students are required to verify that their dissertation is in line with the department’s academic field of expertise during the oral examination of the research project. Students who do not comply with these regulations are not eligible to apply for the degree exam.

(4) After confirmation by the department, if there is a need for minor modifications to the research topic or research objectives, students can still make changes through the system. During the degree examination, the examination committee will reconfirm whether the student's thesis aligns with the department's academic field of expertise again.

(5) The Academic Research Ethics Course must be completed during the first year of enrollment, and students who do not pass the course will not be eligible to apply for the degree exam.

(6) Please refer to the relation file "Guidelines for Graduate Degree Theses."


2. When the examination topic and date confirmed

Please input the thesis topic and advisor at [Student Information System]then print out 7 sheets which are the :

   (1) Document Checklist for Doctoral Degree Examination Application

   (2) Doctoral Dissertation Examination Application Form

   (3) Doctoral Dissertation Recommendation Form

   (4) List of Committee Members (Approval sheet for PhD degree examination committee)

   (5) Form for Final Oral Defense (Examination grading sheet)

   (6) Qualification Form by Doctoral Degree Examination Committee

   (7) Thesis Academic Ethics and Authentication of Originality Statement


3. Propose the PhD degree examination application to faculty meeting

   (1) Two published SCI-papers or one published SCI-paper with impact factor >=3 (including paper list and articles)

  (2023 spring admission) One published SCI-paper(<10% interrelated category), and The research institution of first author in the paper should be the student or the advisor.

   (2) Please fill google forms (Link) and confirm with Lecture Miki Huand(E1-243).

   (3) Application Form for Master Thesis title and abstract  (2023 fall admission)

   (4) Thesis/Dissertation Turnitin Similarity Report( For the rules of the comparison percentage(%):<30% (except for "experimental methods" and "reference"))

   (5) Thesis (draft and abstract)

   (6) The advisor’s recommendation letter (signed by advisor)

   (7) The application for PhD degree thesis examination (signed by advisor)

   (8) The list of PhD degree examination committees (5~9 committee members, at least 1/3 members is off campus, is necessary. One, excluding advisor, of committee members should be a convener.)

   (9) Grade report within every year (To obtain the major credit points and pass the qualification examination and one of core subjects in advance.)

   (10-1Complete "Seminar (5); Seminar (6); Seminar (7); Seminar (8)", and "Special Seminar in Engineering" courses. (for old student e.g. D109xxxx)

   (10-2Complete "Special Seminar in Engineering(1)" and "Special Seminar in Engineering(2)" courses. (for new student e.g. D110~~)

   (11) Transcript for all semesters (Need to complete 18 credits course).

   (12) Pass Intermediate level of the GEPT or other same level of English test( Please find the attached file ) and submit the official transcript English test.

   (13) Published Papers List


4. After faculty meeting passed, sent the application President for approval

   (1) Submit it to the superiors (After validation from the president, copy it to faculty office and stay the employment verification of committee.)

   (2) The record of faculty meeting

   (3) The application for PhD degree thesis examination

   (4) The Advisor recommendation letter

   (5) The list of PhD degree examination committees (5~9 committee members, at least 1/3 members is off-campus, is necessary.) 

   (6) Abstract and thesis draft (The format shall be same as the final thesis, the unfinished part of the content can be left in blank.)

   (7) Grade report within every year

   (8) The checking list of PhD degree examination (Check the documents are prepared completely in advance.

   (9) The application for English version of graduation certificate.


5. The procedure of applying for the oral exam fee is as follows: The staff of accounting business on Miss Lin (ext.#3631).

 (1) Downloading the File ,  the application form of oral examination fee & the traffic allowance (English version ), gets a  permit by your advisor to sign for the actual expense of the oral defense document. Then, submit your application form to the department’s accountant for a registration procedure for financial & managerial accounting.

  (2) After a return of registered application form , asking for your accounting assistant in your LAB (laboratory) to finish the account reimbursement by account system (Look the example below) ...   

      Some situation, especially the period of the severe COVID-19 pandemic has different types of payment in traffic allowance.

        Notice of the type of Thesis / Dissertation Defense:  @1. By video conference: The payment of the transportation on other institute is (NTD=)0.  @2. On-site meeting: The payment of transportation on other institutes depends on the standard list of the application form.

6. The day of oral exam

 (1) Confirm and sign the document of oral examination fee to per committee:

     V (i) Inquiring of per committee about the certain form of their personal information  and bank accounts.

V (ii) A list of oral exam fee and the traffic allowance.  

 (2) Approval Sheet for Degree Examination Committee need to be signed by all committee members.

 (3) Submit Examination Grading Sheet to committee members.

7. Submit the following sheets within five days after the oral test

(1) Return ''signed'' Approval Sheet for Degree Examination Committee and Examination Grading Sheet to  Lecturer  Huang  ( #6542 Office: E1-243) 

(2) Return the form of oral exam fee in having been applied reimbursement , a list of bank accounts to the staff of accounting business on Miss Lin (ext.#3631).


8. The school leaving processes

    (1) Please fill the student information form on page(https://reurl.cc/2zLVNn).

    (2) Please go to the Student System to print out the School Leaving Form.

    (3) Before leaving the school, the school leaving application form must be signed by your advisor and every department technician. Then, send it and one thesis copy (The color of cover should be sky blue.) to faculty office, one thesis copy with hardback (red color)to library.

    (4) Please discuss with the graduates for thesis/dissertation embargo in advance.

    (5) The procedure of upload thesis. →https://etheses.lib.ntust.edu.tw/en/help/aboutedit/


9. Related Forms

    (1) Document Checklist for Doctoral Degree Examination Application

    (2) Qualification Form by Doctoral Degree Examination Committee

    (3) Doctoral Dissertation Recommendation Form

    (4) The list of oral examination fee and the transportation fee document (English version );the certain form of their personal information  and bank accounts.--->hand  in  Ms. Lin 

    (5) Application form for certificate of academic degree

    (61) Ph.D. and Master thesis format and electronic file attentions