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2021 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship

The application for 2021 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships is now available. Attached is the guideline of this scholarship and the application form. Please read following information and guideline thoroughly if you wish to apply for the scholarship.

Students who are receiving NTUST Scholarship or any other scholarships ( such as those awarded by the Taiwan Government, other government agencies or other organization) are eligible to apply!

Important points about the application process Attached is the guideline of this scholarship. Please read the guideline thoroughly and follow the application process:

1.Online registration: Please complete the online registration and upload the required documents. http://www.ctci.org.tw/8831

2.Hardcopy of the required documents: Please follow the instructions when you are doing online registration to download all the application and required documents and submit it to your department office no later than August 20th, 2021.

3.Your application documents will be evaluated by your department. Each department can only recommend one candidate of each scholarship.

4.DO NOT submit your documents to the CTCI Foundation!

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